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It’s time to realign your chakras, balance your body’s hemispheres, set a strong intention and manifest your future dreams while setting your spirit and soul free in this beautiful Summer season.

  • Date: 27/06/2023 10:45 AM - 27/06/2023 11:45 AM
  • Location: Christ Church Blacklands Parish Hall, Laton Road, Hastings TN34 2ES (Map)


Moonwater Planet Soundbaths are the perfect opportunity to unwind and reach a relaxed state with the sounds and vibrations of the majestic Paiste Symphonic gong; Wuhan wind gong; harmonious crystal singing bowls; calming Tibetan singing bowls; and Peter Hess Himalayan & Zen healing bowls plus the flowing tranquility of Koshi chimes ~ soothing for mind body and spirit.

All you need to do is come along, sit or lie down and soak up the sounds.

Moonwater Planet Soundbaths are a beautiful way to wash away the obstructions and smooth the creases in your life, allowing you to move on with the powerful affirmation of the real you and may allow you to heal from past trauma and hurt. Each person’s life is unique and so is the journey you will take in this unique soulful experience.

A few things said about benjamin's Moonwater Planet Soundbaths:

"I was really relaxed and my body felt incredibly light as if I was floating and saw kaleidoscope patterns and lights. It's the most relaxed I have ever been and haven't experienced anything like it before." S.S.

"I felt deeply relaxed and had a deep dreamy experience. I went 'somewhere else' for a long time. I thoroughly enjoyed my Soundbath with benjamin." A.C.

"I would definitely recommend benjamin's Soundbaths to my friends. It was so relaxing and a wonderful experience." S.F.

Please bring along something comfortable to lie on such as a yoga mat or bed topper,, a blanket and pillow. Anything you need to make yourself feel comfortable during this wonderful soul fuelled Soundbath. (Please don't bring inflatable beds or garden recliners). A bottle of water is a wonderful thing to bring too.

Please note: Soundbaths are not suitable for those with pacemakers, epilepsy / sound induced epilepsy, in the first trimester of pregnancy, with menieres, cancer or other serious illnesses. Sound / frequencies can be a trigger for some people so soundbathing is also not advised for anyone with considerable mental illness or distress.

About benjamin: 

benjamin is a sound healing practitioner at Moonwater Planet. He has trained to the level of Gong Master and the advanced level of crystal singing bowls. benjamin is a sound healer, zen meditation facilitator, published poet and carer.