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Bask in the celestial embrace of a Full Moon Gong Sound Bath, where gongs and crystal singing bowls become guiding cosmic companions.

  • Date: 26/11/2023 11:30 AM - 26/11/2023 12:30 PM
  • Location: The Eden Blue Centre, Unit 19, 1 Green Street, Old Town, Eastbourne. BN"! !QN (Map)

Price: £14


As we prepare for the radiant gaze of the full moon, we gather in the embrace of the celestial symphony, ready to immerse ourselves in a transformative experience of sound. Like the moon itself, our souls wax and wane, and this sound bath shall be our cosmic companion, reflecting the ebb and flow of life's vibrations. 

The gong, a powerful and timeless instrument, takes centre stage. Its resonant frequencies mirror the moon's phases, undulating from gentle ripples to powerful crescendos. With every strike, the gong creates a cosmic dance, echoing the moon's magnetic pull on the tides of our emotions. Just as the moon cycles through its phases, the gong carries us through a transformative journey, allowing us to release what no longer serves us and invite in the new. 

Like stars adorning the night sky, the crystal singing bowls complement the gong's resonance. These ethereal instruments vibrate with crystalline purity, aligning our chakras and infusing us with a celestial serenity. They are the stars that guide us through the sound bath, helping us navigate the cosmic currents of our inner selves. 

As the sound bath unfolds, the moon's symbolism guides our intention: just as it illuminates the darkness, our experience under its watchful eye will illuminate our inner landscapes. It beckons us to release the discordant energies, much like the moon releases its silvery light upon the world. 

Through the marriage of gong and crystal singing bowls, we connect with our existence, finding balance in the interplay of sound and silence. The gong's presence represents the yang, the assertive and expansive aspects of life, while the crystal bowls evoke the yin, the gentle and receptive qualities. Together, they create a harmonious fusion, much like the interplay of the sun and moon, day and night. 

In this sacred space, we find the opportunity to harness the moon's wisdom, the gong's resonance, and the crystal bowls' clarity to align our energies, releasing the old and embracing the new. As the gong reverberates and the bowls sing, we harmonize with the universe, letting go and embracing the transformative power of sound. Just as the moon waxes and wanes, we too emerge renewed, a little closer to our inner light, ready to navigate the cosmic tides of life.

Please note: Due to certain frequencies Sound Meditations are not suitable for those with pacemakers, epilepsy / sound induced epilepsy, in the first trimester of pregnancy, with Menieres, cancer or other serious illnesses.

Sound / frequencies can be a trigger for some people so sound bathing is also not advised for anyone with considerable mental illness or distress.

If you are in any doubt please consult with benjamin and we will be able to make a decision.